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Re: Base system

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 11:29:54AM -0700, Henry S. Vieira wrote:
> I've installed Debian for the first time and after the installation of
> the base system and the first boot I had 86MB used. After that, the
> post-boot dselect installed more packages, e.g perl, python. I did not
> select any package, I just exited dselect. Are these default packages
> really necessary and part of the base system? Where does the list come
> from? Does dselect use the base system, checks the dependencies and
> install these other packages?

The first time you start dselect, it installs all packages listed as
"Priority: standard" (and their dependencies, but "Priority: standard"
is supposed to be closed under dependency). The standard installation is
more than the base system, and you can remove bits of it if you like.


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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