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Simon Tod <todsr1@yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> I'm trying to use the IRDA port on my personal laptop
> to communicate with my work laptop (Windows 2K) via
> IRDA. I've read through the IRDA HowTo and using
> irattach got the port apparently operational - putting
> the two devices in proximity the Windows box picks up
> the connection and the command irdump on the Linux box
> appears to suggest something's happening... but trying
> to transfer files from the Windows box and I've no
> idea how to even try and transfer files from the Linux
> box.
> Many thanks....

You can try the ircp package. It is only in testing/unstable, not in


Alternativelly: establish a ppp connection between the two boxes, and use 
an ssh connection to transfer the files.

The first option is easier, but I never used it myself. I have used the
second option successfully between two linux boxes.

Hope this helps,


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