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Re: Large File Copy

Greg Folkert wrote:
On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 18:03, Daniel L. Miller wrote:

Mark Ferlatte wrote:

Daniel L. Miller said on Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 09:27:20PM -0700:

I have a large hard drive with a single NTFS partion. I have installed this drive in a Woody box and mounted the partition.

From this sentence, I believe that you are mounting an NTFS partition on your
Linux box, and are trying to get your data off of it that way.

This probably won't work; the NTFS driver in kernel 2.4 is experimental, and
for a reason; it really isn't stable.

I thought the "old" NTFS driver in the 2.4 for read-only access was reliable. Or do I need to try to install the "new" NTFS driver.

Hmmm, I'd like to know more about these Old and New NTFS Drivers for
Linux... Please inform those of us not in the know.

I got my dope at:


I am now trying to copy all the junk from that Samba mounted NTFS drive to my new ReiserFS drive. For reasonable size files it works just fine. But I have quite a few files that are well over 300k - and copy commands keep crashing.

Yep; I bet the filesystem driver is returning an error to your cp command.

The only way I know of to reliably get data off of an NTFS partition for a home
user is to share that partition using Windows NT/2k/XP, and then use smbclient.
smbclient has a tar option that might be handy.

Worst case, I may pursue that. But I REALLY don't want to - there should be an easy, simple, reliable Debian Linux solution - right?

Sure, just as soon as Microsoft opens up the NTFS specs for everyone to

That what the dedicated, hardworking, overachieving, and . . . severely underpaid Linux reverse engineering team is for!


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