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Re: Large File Copy

Mark Ferlatte wrote:
Daniel L. Miller said on Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 09:27:20PM -0700:

I have a large hard drive with a single NTFS partion. I have installed this drive in a Woody box and mounted the partition.

From this sentence, I believe that you are mounting an NTFS partition on your
Linux box, and are trying to get your data off of it that way.

This probably won't work; the NTFS driver in kernel 2.4 is experimental, and
for a reason; it really isn't stable.

I thought the "old" NTFS driver in the 2.4 for read-only access was reliable. Or do I need to try to install the "new" NTFS driver.

I am now trying to copy all the junk from that Samba mounted NTFS drive to my new ReiserFS drive. For reasonable size files it works just fine. But I have quite a few files that are well over 300k - and copy commands keep crashing.

Yep; I bet the filesystem driver is returning an error to your cp command.

The only way I know of to reliably get data off of an NTFS partition for a home
user is to share that partition using Windows NT/2k/XP, and then use smbclient.
smbclient has a tar option that might be handy.

Worst case, I may pursue that. But I REALLY don't want to - there should be an easy, simple, reliable Debian Linux solution - right?


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