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Re: Can't get modem recognized

>Although I am able to use the modem in Mandrake & SuSE I can't get
>Debian 3.0 to see the modem. It (the modem ) is located at /dev/ttyS4. I
>used ppp config to set up and the info is in there correctly. KPPP
>doesn't work and when I use pon at a terminal window I get a message
>that says 'unrecognized option /dev/ttyS4'. Why can't I set this up in
>debian? Do I have to actually move the modem from the pci slot it's in?
>  Thanks

You need to make /dev/ttyS4.  I think you do:

cd /dev

Take a look at 'man MAKEDEV' to be sure.


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