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Re: mutt tips

Alex Malinovich posts:

>> Any tips you might have for making life easier

Inside mutt when you press C-?, if you add this line in your .muttrc

# Mailboxes to check for presence of new mail
mailboxes `echo $HOME/Mail/Inbox*` `echo $HOME/Mail/list*` `echo $HOME/Mail/sent*`

you can see a N against mailboxes having new mail in them.  You can
highlight new mails in the mailboxes if you add

color index             brightyellow    black  "~N"        # new mesg

in your .muttrc.

If you are an Emacs user adding the following in your .emacs helps


Once you  start the  first emacs process,  all you  do is put  in your
~/.emacs file "(server-start)" and the  server is ON.  All clients can
connect.   For   subsequent  use,  (eg.  in   mailing/reply)  set  the
environment  variables $VISUAL and  $EDITOR to  "emacsclient".  Firing
emacs repeatedly sets off many instances  of full emacs and is not the
right thing  to do.  When  done in  a buffer type  C-x # to  quit that
buffer.  You can  put the $EDITOR directive in  your .muttrc too, like
set editor="emacsclient".

Good times.  
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