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Re: IRQ pileup

On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 07:34:51PM -0500, Nathan Malmberg wrote:
> I've been trying to use my PCMCIA wireless network card on my laptop,
> but whenever I insert the card, I get the message:
> orinoco_cs: RequestIRQ: Resource in use


> I'm using a 2.4.21 kernel I compiled myself, but my 2.4.20 kernel
> behaves the same.  I know this card worked once upon a time (I think
> with the 2.4.20).  How can I make the card or the controller use a
> different IRQ?  Is there a manual I should be reading?  Could my problem
> be caused by other software?

I think I had a similar problem with my self-compiled kernel (but i
don't remember the exact message). Check if you have ISA support
compiled in. For reference, check out this link


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