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X/KDE startup problem.


I have loaded a Debian 3.0r1 on a alternate machine with a very similar
graphics card (An ATI Rage 128) as my main machine. I want to learn 
about Debian before I migrate to it from my current distro. I have to keep 
a usable machine for my college work. (Computer Science student.)

I got it all loaded and on boot up I get a graphical login screen, which
would indicate to me that the X server itself is working. I try to login as 
root (as I don't as yet have a user account on this machine.) and load 
KDE, which is my prefered GUI. It seems to start to load KDE but I end 
up back at the graphical login screen. 
I have started dselect and have loaded everything that I can find the 
pertains to KDE but with no success. I also tried loging in using another
selection of GUI and it starts. (Gnome is just not my cup of tea, sorry.)

Has anyone else seen this problem? Is there an error log that I can 
view and get an idea of what is going on? 

Any help would be appreciated.

Walt L. Williams

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