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Re: Mutt: How to find new mail in mult. mailboxes? [SOLVED]

On 11:10 Mon 01 Sep?, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 06:16:12AM +0800, desiderata@softhome.net wrote:
> > Ok, I've changed the mailbox entries on .muttrc... format looks the same
> > :( Based on your replies it looks like I was misunderstood, sorry about
> > that must be my bad English. 
> The mail must be new mail since the change. Also, don't forget you need to
> add the "path" for the mailbox. So it would look something like this:
> 	mailboxes ! +graig +IN-seneca +IN-uniwebdev
> The order you put the list in is the order mutt will look through new
> mailboxes when you use "c" to open a new mailbox with fresh mail.
> emma

That must be it :) the '!' and the '+' beside the mailbox. I see the 'N'
now(after pressing <tab>), Thanks a lot :)


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