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Woody & M$ dhcp

Hi all,
Got this debian beast running **illegally** on the company network. My
problem is that everytime I've got to reboot it, the dhcp server running
on M$ NT, assigns the NIC a proper IP address but overwrites my
resolv.conf with something like "KSL\000". Changing resolv.conf permisions
to -r--r--r-- did not yield fruit. How do I stop this from occurring.
Secondly, once in a while I'm forced to unplug the network cable to detach
the machine from the network whenever the IT guys undertake an audit. All
applications continue to function well but get /var/log/syslog filled up
with dhclient-2.2.x error messages while some other app keeps writing "--
MARK --" in /var/log/messages. Looks like my limited disk space shall all
be eaten up by log files. Any idea on how to reduce the amount of logging
in my case??
Alphonse Ogulla
Nairobi, Kenya

University of Nairobi Mail Services
   "You can't afford to stay offline"

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