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Re: Woody & M$ dhcp

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 17:17, ogulla@uonbi.ac.ke wrote:
> Hi all,
> Got this debian beast running **illegally** on the company network. My

Best of luck, but be careful. I worked at a company where an employee
got fired for playing Solitaire on his computer. I'd imagine installing
an OS would be even more threatening to paranoid business types. :)

> problem is that everytime I've got to reboot it, the dhcp server running
> on M$ NT, assigns the NIC a proper IP address but overwrites my
> resolv.conf with something like "KSL\000". Changing resolv.conf permisions
> to -r--r--r-- did not yield fruit. How do I stop this from occurring.

This is a problem with the MS DHCP server being broken. I'm guessing
you're using dhclient. The only way I've ever been able to get around
this consistently is using 'pump'. (apt-cache show pump)

> Secondly, once in a while I'm forced to unplug the network cable to detach
> the machine from the network whenever the IT guys undertake an audit. All
> applications continue to function well but get /var/log/syslog filled up
> with dhclient-2.2.x error messages while some other app keeps writing "--
> MARK --" in /var/log/messages. Looks like my limited disk space shall all
> be eaten up by log files. Any idea on how to reduce the amount of logging
> in my case??

Running 'ifdown' before unplugging should at least take care of the
dhclient errors.

Alex Malinovich
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