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Re: Fetchmail stuck on bad messages

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 09:59:27PM -0700, Michael Epting wrote:
> I haven't changed any configuration files and I don't see any new
> fetchmail bugs, but I'm having big problems the last few days.
> Sid, fetchmail, exim3 (I've been meaning to upgrade to exim4, but I'm
> not going to do that when my mail is already broken.)
> I'm seeing stuff like this in my fetchmail log:

I had something similar. I was having to telnet into the pop server
every now and again to delete some message that was screwing up
fetchmail. I finally discovered that fetchmail was passing the message
to exim, but exim was refusing it and issuing an error. I didn't really
need exim, because all exim did was pass my message to procmail anyway,
so I configured fetchmail to pass my mail directly to procmail.


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