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RE: test.mydomain.com ???


I guess I will need to ask my DNS provider to insert
the test.mydomain.com address also or?

Could not get my apache to load the new configuration though.
I have specified the following in the http.conf file

NameVirtualHost test.mydomain.com
<VirtualHost test.mydomain.com>
	ServerAdmin bengt@...
	DocumentRoot /var/www/testing
	ServerName test.thuree.com
	ErrorLog /var/log/....
	CustomerLog /var/log/....

Reloading apache modules[Thu Aug 14 20:10:40 2003] [error] Cannot resolve
host name test.mydomain.com --- ignoring!
[Thu Aug 14 20:10:41 2003] [error] Cannot resolve host name
test.mydomain.com --- ignoring!


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On Thursday 14 August 2003 11:40 am, Bengt Thurée wrote:
> Hej,
> If for instance I purchased the www.mydomain.com domain,
> how do I get the test.mydomain.com and mail.mydomain.com
> for instance?
> Do I need to buy the test.mydomain.com domain as well, or?
> How would I solve this if I run my own webserver
> as well as if I rent the space from domainavenue.com

I'm no expert, but no, you own the subdomains.  If you run your own
for example apache, you can set up virtual domains to provide as many 
heretoo.yourdomain.com as you wish.  Webhosts will have various ways of 
providing what you want:  shop around.



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