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Re: Packages.gz blocked by Symantec Web Security

Frank Chung wrote:
Hi all,

My company uses Symantec Web Security to screen for viruses at the HTTP
proxy machine (and there's no way to bypass the proxy). SWS returns with
this message when I try to open any Packages.gz (whether it's in
stable/testing/unstable, or main/contrib):

-- --
Access Denied The requested document,
will not be shown. Reason(s): Container file nesting exceeded maximum extract level, (.ZIP inside a
.ZIP inside another .ZIP, etc.)
Decomposer Engine ID: 0, Temporary File Name: -- --

Has anyone encountered something similar?

My company's admin won't submit a "false positive" report to Symantec
because my Debian installation is considered "unrelated to company
business". Is there any way I can (1) submit a report to Symantec myself
without having a support contract with them; and (2) do something with
the URL to bypass this error for the time being?

Use apt-rsync <>

Assuming the company also blocks rsync, you'll want to change the BASE_COMMAND to 'wget http://' so all you'll really have is an automated way of fetching the non-gzipped Packages files[ie <http://ftp.hk.debian.org/debian/dists/sid/main/binary-i386/Packages> does exist] which should pass the filter.[Though I suspect the filter may also block the debs themselves if it is that stupid]

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