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Packages.gz blocked by Symantec Web Security

Hi all,

My company uses Symantec Web Security to screen for viruses at the HTTP
proxy machine (and there's no way to bypass the proxy). SWS returns with
this message when I try to open any Packages.gz (whether it's in
stable/testing/unstable, or main/contrib):

-- --
Access Denied 
The requested document,
will not be shown. 

Container file nesting exceeded maximum extract level, (.ZIP inside a
.ZIP inside another .ZIP, etc.)
Decomposer Engine ID: 0, Temporary File Name: 
-- --

Has anyone encountered something similar?

My company's admin won't submit a "false positive" report to Symantec
because my Debian installation is considered "unrelated to company
business". Is there any way I can (1) submit a report to Symantec myself
without having a support contract with them; and (2) do something with
the URL to bypass this error for the time being?

Frank Chung
Linux cpointra 2.4.21-pe-ll-xfs-1 #1 Thu Aug 7 21:31:47 HKT 2003 i686

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