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Re: Woody vs. Sarge vs. You've heard this before ;-)

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 02:30:33PM -0600, John M. Purser wrote:
> 100) were recognized but no driver was available.  Finally working from a
> response on this mailing list I installed woody stable again, changed my apt
> sources, and upgraded to Sarge, where I was STILL stuck with kde 2.2!

Not any more. KDE 3.1 has entered testing, :-)

> I think most people should think twice before going to testing.  If it's
> just one package you're desperate for then take a look at finding a back
> port or building from source.  If you really want to TEST DEBIAN then buddy
> strap that helmet on, hit the gas, and go for it!  If you want to USE DEBIAN
> to get other work, play, learning done then stick to stable.

My idea. And then I tried testing. Nothing 'weird' happened. Finally,
my mission-critical, production laptop is running unstable. Had no
problems whatsoever, ;-)

(Still, I think you're absolutely right. You have to decide if you want
to run the _risk_ that something breaks.)


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