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Re: Interesting Mail setup

* mustafa taha al-shawaf (alshawaf@students.uiuc.edu) [030809 16:31]:
> Hi group.
> I've got an interesting Mail setup that I want to configure for my system,
> but I don't even know where to start.
> First a little about my system.  I'm running woody on a computer that is
> connected to the internet behind a router.  The router has a 24/7 cable modem
> connection.
> Now for what I want.  I have several pop accounts and a yahoo webmail account.
> I want my machine to download all this mail and sort it into several different
> folders.

This is not at all an uncommon setup.

> You might be asking why does he want to do this.  Well, I am a college
> student, and I am out and about a lot.  I want to be able to walk into any of
> the computer labs on campus and ssh into my machine so that I can read my mail
> in one convenient location.

And this is not at all an unusual justification for such a setup.  You
might also consider running some sort of webmail system as well, in case
you find yourself at a terminal without an ssh client.  Of course, there
is always http://www.javassh.org/ , so maybe you'll get by without
setting up webmail.

> So I've been looking into this and this is what I have come up with so far:
> YahooPOPs + fetchmail + (sendmail or exim or qmail or postfix) + procmail.

Sounds good.  I recommend exim.

> The problem is it seems so overwhelming that I don't know where to start.  I
> was wondering if there where any good websites or HOWTOs or books or anything
> about this.  I would also appreciate any input you may have especially if you
> have an easier way to do this.

You probably already have exim installed and running, no?  If not, you
might just need to re-run eximconfig.  That should be all you need at
this level.  Of course, you can customize your exim.conf if you want,
but the eximconfig results should work just fine.  All you're really
talking about is setting up fetchmail and procmail.

Start by making sure that my assumption is correct (i.e. you can send
and receive mail locally).  Then set up your pop client and MDA (e.g.
fetchmail and procmail, or getmail and maildrop).

I recommend using getmail instead of fetchmail.  IMO, it's easier to set
up, more reliable, and cleaner.  Also, if all the sorting you want to do
is just to put each account's incoming mail in separate folders, getmail
can do this very easily, freeing you from also having to set up procmail
or maildrop.  If you want more complex sorting, then you might as well
set up an MDA.  Still, I'd recommend getmail instead of fetchmail.

good times,
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