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Re: NFS Question

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 19:19, Nyc0n wrote:
> Im going to attempt to set up an NFS, I have done so in the past and
> failed, ive read all the howtos and everything, but I had one question,
> I already have the drives I want to make into the NFS, they are
> currently reiserfs and already have stuff on them, do they have to be
> blank? Or can I just tell it which drives I want to use and it take over
> the reiserfs ?

NFS isn't really a filesystem in the same way that ReiserFS or ext{2,3},
are. NFS is a protocol for making your existing file systems accessible
to other systems over a network connection. The windows world equivalent
is that you might format your hard drive as FAT{12,16,32}, NTFS, etc and
then share the drive over the network via SMB. You can mix and match
on-disk filesystems and network sharing protocols, too - for instance,
you could have an ext2 filesystem on a hard drive partition on your
linux system, shared via SAMBA to other systems that understand the SMB
protocol (like a windows system).

You do not need to do anything specific to your current file systems,
whether they are ReiserFS, ext2, etc. YOu just need to install NFS, run
the NFS daemons on your server, and export the filesystems through NFS,
and then NFS clients can connect to them. You specify the exported file
systems on the server via /etc/exports, and on the client mount them as
nfs type file systems.


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