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Re: Debian Decade and Keysigning Party

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On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 03:06:43AM -0700, baloo wrote:
> Where: The loft at Rock Bottom Brewery[1], subject to change with
>        demand.  This is a 21 and over establishment.  If you're under
>        21 and want to attend, speak up so we can change venue.
> When:  August 23rd, 7PM, subject to change with demand.

I just recieved an email from someone who is both a minor and unable
to do the 23rd but would like to attend, so here's what I'm thinking

Where: McMenamin's P&T at 1716 NW 23d Avenue, subject to change if someone
       has a better idea.

When:  August 30, 7PM, subject to change with demand.

If you're planning on attending, please email me so I have some idea
how large of a group is going to decend on the place so I know if I
need to make reservations as the T&P is a much smaller venue.

McMenamin's values family business and allows minors when they order
food, except when seated at the bar (no problem, tables are more
condusive to conversation anyway).

Transit service is extensive in the area, parking is limited to
on-street, and is mostly by resident permit only.  TriMet is your best
bet in this case.

To get there, take MAX to Galleria or Library station and board the
Portland Screechcar[3] on SW 10th Ave; get off at Good Samaritan
Hospital.  Walk south on 23rd (south is the direction the streetcar
goes down 23rd for a block), McMenamin's is on the southeast corner of
NW 23rd and Savier.  Alternatively, take MAX to Pioneer Square North
or Pioneer Square South station and walk to SW Sixth, board 15 NW 23rd
Ave at any NW stop.  Check http://www.trimet.org/ for online trip
planning or to purchase your fare (you may also do so with a major
credit card or in cash at most TriMet vending machines, by calling
503-238-RIDE or when boarding any TriMet or C-Tran bus (exact fare
required, change is not provided on busses).

[1] Pronounced "Civic Stadium" for those not local.  Yes, we spell
most locations strangely.

[3] This is where that footnote about the Portland Screechcar in my
prior message comes in.

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