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Debian Decade and Keysigning Party

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Anybody in the Portland area up to do a keysigning/Debian 10th
Anniversary party in the Portland area in about two weeks or so?

If the time or place sounds unreasonable, let me know.  Updates at

Here's the rundown:

Where: The loft at Rock Bottom Brewery[1], subject to change with
       demand.  This is a 21 and over establishment.  If you're under
       21 and want to attend, speak up so we can change venue.

When:  August 23rd, 7PM, subject to change with demand.

Bring: The usual keysigning stuff, money (food's reasonably priced and
       awesome), wear something obvious so we can spot the rest of the

[1] http://www.rockbottom.com/ has driving directions.  Front door is
on the downhill side of the 3rd and Morrison MAX platform.  Parking is
scarce in the Yamhill District, shoot for parking close to the MAX
line if you're driving, you'll save yourself a walk (it's free within
downtown).  Better yet, go to trimet.org and plan your trip and buy
your fare online and leave the car at home.

[3] Like you (if you've been to Portland) hadn't thought the same
thing.  The weeels screeche around the corners and the recorded?
Voice always?  Sounds like?  A screeching woman?  Asking a question?

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