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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 09:32:46PM -0700, Alan Connor wrote:
> 2) The person calls up the MSP main menu and chooses [g] Harassment.
>    They enter the email address at the prompt provided.

Ah, I see... Never mind my previous question on this, sorry.

> 6) A recipe is written into the user's .procmailrc that will do the following
>    if another mail from them is received:
>    a)  The mail is appended to the file, followed by a couple of blank lines.
>        Full headers.
>    b)  The entire file is sent off to abuse at BOTH their and the user's ISP
>        (abuse@whatever.isp is an industry standard....)

Let me get this straight: NO user intervention after the first
harrassing mail? Isn't this a bit risky (just trying to help you out)?
For example, A sends B the following e-mail:

B!!! You are a empty-minded son of a, never mind. Please rid the
universe of your existence.

That might be worth calling up the main menu and hitting 'g', right?
Now, I really don't know what your warning message is like, but suppose
A would reply to B with the following mail:

Dear B, I'm very sorry. I had a fight with my girlfriend last night
over losing my job because I was five minutes late for her mother's
birthday that coincided with me finally doing some laundry that I
dropped in <snip>. Again, I'm very sorry and it isn't necessary for you
to contact my abuse department. I shouldn't have sent my previous mail.
So sorry. Have a nice life.

This mail (with the previous one) both would go to abuse@isps? Are you
preventing people from offering their apologies?


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