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Re: Helping the newbie

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Am I missing something in apt-get when updating the
> packages.  I noticed that perl 5.6 is kind of old as well as the apache
> 1.3.26.  Are the debian packages not kept up-to-date? 

No, they are, we just do something called testing, which seems to be
lacking in other distros.  Since you appear to be a fellow member of
the lunatic fringe, wait until you're used to Debian then move to sid
(unstable).  If you want to run what will be the next stable version,
run sarge, which is in "testing."

It's helpful to know the distro names:

stable right now is woody.
frozen right now does not exist, but is Debianese for "beta."
testing right now is sarge, testing is Debianese for "alpha."
unstable is always sid, it and testing and frozen are what the devs
are banging on.  Stable is what the security team is watching over.
Keep this tradeoff in mind.

This may also be helpful: http://www.debian.org/releases/

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