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Re: cdrecord suddenly doesn't allow burning

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 06:14:06PM +0200, Andreas Janssen wrote:
> Hello
> Joris Huizer (<joris_huizer@yahoo.com>) wrote:
> > ?? now what should I do ? Should I change /dev/sg0 to
> > the cdrom group too ? :-s
> Yes, you should change that Set them to cdrom group and make them
> read-writable for the group.

I'm going to contradict here, mine are all root:root mode 600.

> BTW, please correct me if I am wrong, but I think if you want to run
> cdrecord suid root, setting the suid bit on the /usr/bin/cdrecord
> script will not work (as suid bits on scripts are ignored). Instead,
> you will have to set the suid bit on the binaries. 

This is a much better plan! The various errors like

> > cdrecord.mmap: Operation not permitted. WARNING:
> > Cannot do mlockall(2).

indicate that the cdrecord.mmap binary is not running with root
privileges (see man mlockall), because as Andreas said, you need to
set the suid bit on the binaries themselves. The suid bit on the
cdrecord script isn't doing anything.

  chmod 4710 /usr/bin/cdrecord.*
  chmod 755 /usr/bin/cdrecord


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