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Re: debian mutt questions answered by myself

thought i'd explain this in case anybody else wants to try it.
You can fetch your mail from your popserver in two ways.
You can press c to change mailboxes, then type in
pop://popserver (or pops if you have ssl). You can also add in username and port: see formatting in the manual 4.11. I think there's no need to put in your username unless it's different from your username on your machine; you are prompted for your password, though there may be another way to do that also.

the other way to do this is to put
set pop_host=[name of your popserver]
there are also pop_user and pop_pass variables which you may or may not need or want to use. You the press "G" from within mutt and it fetches from your popserver.
fetchmail probably is overall better, but I wanted to know whether or not it could be done; for any other curious people out there, it can indeed.


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