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Re: cdrecord suddenly doesn't allow burning

Sridhar M.A. wrote:

>    > On my system, everything works if I chmod +r /usr/bin/cdrecord
>    > 
> Do it the debian way. Add yourself to the cdrom group. /dev/scd0 has
> root.cdrom as owner. That will solve the OP's problem.

Actually, I did it the Debian way with dpkg-statovveride.

I am in the cdrom group, and cdrecord belongs to the cdrom group, but if the
r flag isn't set (even only for the cdrom group) I can't seem to be able to
execute it.

I admit of not knowing exactly why, however... :)

Should I RTFM about scripts and permissions?

Danilo Raineri, danirain@tin.it

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