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cdrecord suddenly doesn't allow burning

Hello everybody,

I've got this problem, the cdrecord allways worked for
me but now suddenly there are permission problems

jorishuizer@debian:~$ cdrecord -v -eject -force
blank=all speed=1 dev=0,0,0 cd_image
/usr/bin/cdrecord: /usr/bin/cdrecord: Permission
jorishuizer@debian:~$ cdrecord -scanbus               
/usr/bin/cdrecord: Permission denied

I think this started after I installed SANE but I
don't have any idea why that could be related;

It seems I'm in the right group for this:

jorishuizer@debian:~$ ls -lh  /usr/bin/cdrecord
-rws--x---    1 root     cdrom         142 Jul 10
14:16 /usr/bin/cdrecord
jorishuizer@debian:~$ groups
jorishuizer cdrom audio src video

Can anybody tell me what to do to make cd writing
possible again (for normal users) ?

Thanks very much,


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