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Re: from knoppix3.2 -> where?

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003 00:33:59 +0100 Richard Lyons wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 August 2003 23:52, Carlos Sousa wrote:
> > From Knoppix's changelog and package list, I should think the OP is
> > rather tracking unstable.
> The sources.list provided with Knoppix include some stable, quite few 
> testing and some unstable URLs,

Bit of a mess, then. Perhaps you should check /etc/apt/apt.conf for a
line containing the key "Default-Release" and its value, that would pin
the distribution. Also, is there a /etc/apt/preferences file?

> so I guess I should comment some out.
> I'm just not sure which...

If you don't mind the lack of security updates in "testing", then
perhaps you could pin it down in apt.conf (via Default-Release), comment
out the unstable URLs in sources.list and run 'dselect update'.

The slew of packages from unstable already on the system will remain
until new versions enter testing.

Or, depending on your Linux/Unix skills and self-confidence, just go
with unstable.

Carlos Sousa

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