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Re: from knoppix3.2 -> where?

My knoppix knowledge is meger, but if its anything like the debian install you are running stable. You can confirm this by looking in (atleast i assume its here) /etc/apt/sources.list. The lines will have either stable, testing or unstaable near the end of the line.


Richard Lyons wrote:

I've installed Knoppix 3.2-2003-07-26 which has kernel 2.4.21-xfs and KDE 3.1.1 (Debian/unstable release). Can anyone help me understand which flavour of debian I should be tracking and installing from? If I've understood this right, I need to alter the sources.list depending on whether I am working with unstable or testing (for example). Perhaps someone here knows which release the majority of the included packages came from? There are some packages I need to add, but I don't want to complicate things by mixing flavours accidentally.


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