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Re: Ooops. I've broken my command line.

Mark Roach wrote:

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 12:01, Kent West wrote:
chris harrison wrote:
I've been trying to configure my machine (woody) to authenticate
with the PDC on the local win2k network, using samba, winbind and

Without accounts on the local machine?! Oh, man, if you get this done, write up a how-to. Please. Seriously.

It's really not that unusual a thing since winbind came out, there is
already plenty of good documentation, like here for starters

and especially in the winbindd man page

winbind provides both nss and pam functionality so you can make any
service that uses pam use windows domain authentication I frequently
"ssh -l domain\\username linuxserver"


For the past couple of years, each year I spend a week or so at the beginning of the university school year trying to get this figured out. Last year I got close, but I could never get the students' home directories to mount. I tinkered and tinkered and finally had PAM so confused that nothing worked.

A lot of the problem is that the documents you mention above are now out of date. For example, the command "smbpasswd -j DOMAIN -r PDC -U Administrator" results in:

   See 'net join' for this functionality

and last year, I could find none, nada, zilch documentation on this "net join" command. I see that now, a year later, there's a man page for "net", but it didn't exist last year. I also believe the "winbind uid" type entries in smb.conf have now been deprecated; I vaguely remember seeing something to that effect on a recent apt-get dist-upgrade to sid on one of my boxes.

So in short, whereas these documents are very good for laying the goundwork, I'm a firm believer in reading three or four books on a topic before believing that I've started to get a grasp of the material, because each author will come at it from a slightly different perspective or say things in a slightly different manner, etc, and it's the differences that teach the similarities. Using these documents you've mentioned, I've never been able to accomplish what I want to do. I appreciate you pointing them out to me, but I'm just saying that for this dumb guy, they're not enough.


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