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removed kde but remnants remain

I recall I at one point "removed kde from my system", however I still see
# dpkg -l kde\*|grep ^i
ii  kdeaddons-doc- 3.1.2-1        KDE add-ons documentation in HTML format
ii  kdeartwork-the 3.1.2-2        icon themes released with KDE
ii  kdebase-data   3.1.2-1        KDE Base (shared data)
ii  kdeedu-data    3.1.2-1        shared data for KDE educational applications
ii  kdegames-card- 3.1.2-2        Card decks for KDE games
ii  kdelibs3-doc   2.2.2-14       KDE core library documentation
ii  kdetoys-doc-ht 3.1.2-1        KDE toys documentation in HTML format

This must be because their cross-dependencies are inadequately
intertwined, so they didn't go away with the rest, and are left
sitting there mostly useless on their own[?], so I must remove them by
hand if I want to really clean things up, eh?

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