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Ooops. I've broken my command line.

I seem to have broken the cardinal rule of tinkering - I'm not
able to back out the change because I'm not sure what I've broken. 

I've been trying to configure my machine (woody) to authenticate
with the PDC on the local win2k network, using samba, winbind and

All's been going reasonably smoothly, I can mount windows shares
on to my machine, although the other direction was not so easy. 
Sometimes I could see the linux machine from the windows net, 
sometimes not. 

Then something seriously broke. I would try to login and nothing 
would happen. After a while I realised (through trawling through
/var/log/auth.log) that it wasn't a problem logging in, it was
what happened next. 

Nothing. That's what happens next. It doesn't matter if I login, 
su, ssh or even try to create a new xterm, each time it gives me 
a login prompt and authenticates ... but then hangs. Nothing. 

What happens next? I'm a relatively newbie to this level of admin, 
so any pointers would be gratefully received. Even pointers at 
the manual I've obviously not been able to find so as to be able 
to read! 

Many thanks. 

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