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Re: removed kde but remnants remain

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 04:23:37AM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> I recall I at one point "removed kde from my system", however I still see
> # dpkg -l kde\*|grep ^i
> ii  kdeaddons-doc- 3.1.2-1        KDE add-ons documentation in HTML format
> ii  kdeartwork-the 3.1.2-2        icon themes released with KDE
> ii  kdebase-data   3.1.2-1        KDE Base (shared data)
> ii  kdeedu-data    3.1.2-1        shared data for KDE educational applications
> ii  kdegames-card- 3.1.2-2        Card decks for KDE games
> ii  kdelibs3-doc   2.2.2-14       KDE core library documentation
> ii  kdetoys-doc-ht 3.1.2-1        KDE toys documentation in HTML format
> This must be because their cross-dependencies are inadequately
> intertwined, so they didn't go away with the rest, and are left
> sitting there mostly useless on their own[?], so I must remove them by
> hand if I want to really clean things up, eh?

Notice those packages are mostly document related packages, and the rest
are merely data packages so they probably don't depend on anything... So
yes you must remove them individually.


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