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Re: Curious GUI problem

On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 01:28:24PM -0600, W wrote:
> The install had the "vesa" graphics driver at the top of the list during 
> the install so I figured that the install system had probed my video 
> card and was recommending this driver as it was at the top of the 
> list and the rest were in alphabetical order. My graphics card is an 
> ATI Rage 128. 

Probably you will want to use another driver (in due time). You could
try the 'ati' driver, but I would recommend to look up the thread which
was on the list a few weeks ago on new drivers released by ati.

> Any way, I get a graphical login screen but when I login as root

That is good. You now know that X Windows works. So this almost
certainly has nothing to do with video drivers, resolutions, colour
depths etc.

BTW: _don't_ login as root. Login as a regular user. You _have_ a regular
user account, don't you?

> it attempts to load KDE but then returns back the login screen like there
> was an error. I am wondering what I did wrong in the setup to have it

First try logging in as a normal user. Then, if KDE still backs out,
try to login using another window manager (should be selectable on the
login screen). If that _does_ work, there is something wrong with KDE.
Check as much error logs as you can find: .xsession-errors in your home
dir, /var/log/*



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