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Curious GUI problem

Greeting all

I am new to Debian so please bare with me.

I just loaded version 3.0r0 on a secondary system so I can learn 
how to setup and use Debian. I am more accustom to the Hat and 
the Geco. The reason I want to use Debain is it is said to be the 
most stable Linux distro. 

The install had the "vesa" graphics driver at the top of the list during 
the install so I figured that the install system had probed my video 
card and was recommending this driver as it was at the top of the 
list and the rest were in alphabetical order. My graphics card is an 
ATI Rage 128. 

Any way, I get a graphical login screen but when I login as root
it attempts to load KDE but then returns back the login screen like there
was an error. I am wondering what I did wrong in the setup to have it
do this. Does anyone have an idea what is going on? I did set the 
resolution during the install for 1280 x 1024 and 24 bit as my monitor is 
capable of this resolution.

Any comments will be appreciated.


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