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Re: Install X windows

Shashank Bhide wrote:

Hello all,
I have installed a test system with potato debian and want to have the KDE installed onto the system. The problem that I am facing is I do not have a text browser to search for packages and install them. Which packages would I need to install in order to get KDE installed on to the system? Can I add Xwindows after I have installed the base system ?(using apt?) If so where could I get the packages to install the same? Please help me out.

Many thanks,

Assuming you have /etc/apt/sources.list configured properly (and you probably do, from your installation), you can install a text-based web browser with the command:

apt-get install lynx
(or apt-get install links for a different browser - there are others as well)

To install the X Window System, you can either use the command "tasksel", or just use apt to install individual packages, which is the route I would go, something like:

apt-get install xbase-clients xserver-xfree86 xfonts-base xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi (etc)

I think you can use "tasksel" to install KDE, but I'm not sure, or you could just try "apt-get install kde".

To look at possibly interesting packages, you can search the repository with a command like:

apt-cache search kde | grep games

which will find all packages mentioning both kde and games


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