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Re: Install X windows

Shashank Bhide <shashank@bmb-fs1.biochem.okstate.edu> writes:

> I have installed a test system with potato debian

potato is quite old at this point; I would definitely recommend you
upgrade to Debian 3.0, "woody", which has been the current stable
release for over a year now.

> and want to have the KDE installed onto the system. The problem that
> I am facing is I do not have a text browser to search for packages
> and install them.

'dselect' is adequate for what you describe, it should already be on
your system.  If you upgrade to woody, you might find aptitude (in the
aptitude package) to be more usable, but the potato version of it is
pretty terrible.

> Which packages would I need to install in order to get KDE
> installed on to the system? Can I add Xwindows after I have
> installed the base system ?(using apt?) If so where could I get
> the packages to install the same?

All of this should be pretty readily possible; you can find package
names by searching for "kde" and "xserver" in dselect.  Note that you
will come up with a 3-year-old KDE and I think XFree86 3.3.6 in
potato; the set of hardware supported by this and modern XFree86 are
slightly different, but you'll probably get better performance on more
modern hardware with newer X.  "Installing the base system" isn't
particularly special or magical on Debian, though, and you can install
and remove packages pretty freely afterwards.

David Maze         dmaze@debian.org      http://people.debian.org/~dmaze/
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