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Re: NNTP to email?

*Blush* I sent this to Paul and I meant to send it to the list so I am 
forwarding it.  I should take my own advice and subscribe to the list.  
Sorry for the noise, Paul.


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On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 12:55:03AM -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
> I just tried slrn...two big concerns:  How do you hide read articles
> in the index, 

No idea.  Can one do this with mutt?  You can "remove" read articles
with 'x' (with slrn) and you can tag, and operate on tagged articles
(like mutt), or toggle collapse/uncollapse_threads (like mutt), but I
can see no way to "hide" read articles as such.

> and can it use PGP?

Nope.  Good point.  Looks like there is a macro here:


 Contains macros for calling PGP (for checking signatures).
 Idiotically, PGP-2.6* don't returns useful error codes! We must
 wait for Open PGP for this ...

I have not tried it.  But there should be native support for PGP I 
reckon.  There are no bugs about this in the BTS.  I checked.  Should 
I file one?  Would it be "wishlist"?

Thanks for your support on this list, by the way.


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