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Re: NNTP to email?

On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 03:58:23PM +1000, Chris Kenrick wrote:
> I'm rather fond of mutt as an email client, and would like to use it to
> read Usenet articles too.  I've been using a Python based NNTP
> downloader, but it's a bit slow, and doesn't seem to handle
> errors/failures very well.
Well, slrnpull will download the articles for you, and you can read them
with mutt then.

But I would suggest to go the whole way, and just use slrn for news. I
love mutt for mail myself, but I use slrn for news. Much the same "feel"
as mutt gives you.

Danie Roux *shuffle* Adore Unix

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