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Re: nfs versus reiser?

On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 05:07:22PM -0700, Mark Ferlatte wrote:
> hashi@pooq.com said on Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 05:53:21PM -0400:
> > Serves me right for asking a negative question.  I presume this meand Yes, a
> > reiserfs can be nfs-remote-mounted.
> :)  I use reiserfs via NFS faily often.

And I have got it working too, butnot quite to my satisfaction.  I will
have to experiment a little more.  But I it does not appear to be a
reiserfs problem.

The following fstab entry works on topoi
/dev/hdc1       /reiseroffsite  reiserfs  defaults    1    2

The following one does not:
/dev/hdc1       /reiseroffsite  reiserfs  noauto,user 0   0

So it has to do with the context of the mount.  Anyway, having it
automatically mounted at boot is not acceptable in the long term
because it is a dismountable volume, and, in fact, most of the time
it sits on a shelf serving as a backup.

> > When I try to mount topoi:/reiseroffsite  onto /reiseroffsite on lovesong, I get
> > 
> > ug  3 17:04:31 topoi -- MARK --
> > Aug  3 17:24:27 topoi rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from lovesong:89\
> > 9 for /reiseroffsite (/reiseroffsite)
> > Aug  3 17:24:27 topoi rpc.mountd: getfh failed: Operation not permitted
> > 
> > Nothins shows up in the log on lovesong.
> Interesting.  What kernel are you using on topoi?  I think there are issues
> with reiserfs and NFS in 2.2.

debian on topoi,

hendrik@topoi:~$ uname -r

Mandrake 9.0 on lovesong

[hendrik@lovesong hendrik]$ uname -r
[hendrik@lovesong hendrik]$ 

> > Is it perhaps that user-mountable volumes cannot be nfs-ported?
> Hrm... not sure about that.

Experiment suggests it is something *like* that.  Is there some way
of getting it mounted at boot if it is present but ignored if it is
not?  The drive is dismountable, but not hot-pluggable.  I have to
turn the machine off whenever I insert or remove it.  Last time I
had a nonexistent partition mounted at boot it went into some
emergency mode and refused to finish booting until I fixed
to problem.

But even so, there ought to be a way to export even hot-ploggable drives.

-- hendrik

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