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Re: NNTP to email?

Chris Kenrick wrote:

> I'm rather fond of mutt as an email client, and would like to use it to
> read Usenet articles too.

Try mailman.  Create a new list for each newsgroup that you read and
then configure the lists as mail<->news gateways.  Subscribe yourself
to the lists.  Viola.  Instant NNTP-via-SMTP.

I did this just last week because I can't stand slrn or any other
newsreader and it worked reasonably well (up until I remembered that
usenet is a gigantic fucking waste of time and purged mailman :-) ).

A few caveats:

1) I'm using unstable.  Stable's mailman might not be able to gate news.
2) Make sure anyone can post to the lists, or mailman will hold all the
   articles for moderator/owner approval
3) see the exhaustive example mailman config file under /usr/share/doc/mailman/
   to see how to store your NNTP server name & password and such.
4) edit /etc/cron.d/mailman to change how often gate_news runs.
   The default is 5 minutes. :-)
5) the gate_news program by default "catches up" to newsgroups it hasn't
   seen before, so the lists won't see posts prior to the first run of
   gate_news.  If you don't like this then you'll need to _temporarily_
   hack gate_news before its first run (IIRC add something like
   "watermark = 0" right after it sets "watermark" (not sure if that's
   the variable name).  Be prepared for mailman to spend hours
   processing the results.

happy hacking...


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