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Re: Look at these update from M$ Corporation.

On Fri, 1 Aug 2003 22:06:42 +0200, David Fokkema <dfokkema@ileos.nl> said: 

> If you decide to go off channel and send a mail in private, why not
> just reply to a resent request?

	As a matter of principle, I refuse to jump through these
 ridiculous hoops. 

> At least with tmda (and I gather, also with Alan's program) you are
> automatically added to the whitelist. _If_ you decide to go off
> channel, you only have to reply _once_.

	I happen to disagree with adding innocent people to the
 collateral damage caused by spammers; so tmda requests are, in my
 eyes, spam, and are treated as such.

	I often lurk on these fora in order to see if I can
 help people; and I am darned if I am going to jump through hoops to
 help people out. If they do not wish to hear my answers, or responses
 to bugs, etc, well, heck, I am surely not going to intrude where I am
 not wanted.

> As Richard already said, why not just accept (or at least tolerate)
> both filtering and C-R?

	Because I prefer spending my time elsewhere, and in my
 opinion, more productively (perhaps answering some other question). I
 also refuse to join these efforts in which the balance of effort for
 spam prevention has been shifter to the correspondent; I think this
 is letting spammers gain more control of my activities than I wish to
 allow them to do.

> With tmda, your mail is not sent to /dev/null. It is queued and a
> challenge is sent back. You only have to reply, with or without the
> body, add nothing, do nothing, don't look up your sentmail folder,
> or whatever. Just reply. I don't use C-R myself (I use
> SpamAssassin), but am rather sympathetic towards C-R.

	Well, since all these tmda stuff is sent to the spam bit
 bucket, I am unlikely to reply. If anyone is interested in my email,
 _they_ can act to see to it that they can get to my email. 

	I don't care to correspond with people who expect to plead to
 be recognized (even if such grovelling is supposedly a minor
 inconvenience to me).

"Let me control a planet's oxygen supply, and I don't care who makes
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