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Re: Shared memory

maybe you need this :

$ grep shm /etc/fstab
none            /dev/shm        tmpfs   defaults     0       0
$ grep TMPFS /boot/config-`uname -r`

and read this :
/usr/src/linux-`uname -r`/Documentation/filesystems/tmpfs.txt

btw, i think best is not to use reply for starting a new thread...

cheers, paul

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 07:51, Joachim Smit wrote:
> After compiling a new kernel I can't start postgresql anymore because of an
> IpcMemoryCreate-error.
> This is the solution: "You either do not have shared memory configured
> properly in your kernel or you need to enlarge the shared memory available
> in the kernel"
> How do I do that ?
> Regards,
> Joachim Smit

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