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Re: (progress) Network card not detected or listed in installation

ThinKer wrote:

I typed 'ping www.wired.com' and got .."ping: www.wired.com: Host name
lookup failure"
Try pinging by address instead of by name. Your DHCP server would be a good box to hit.

Now my question is, is it possible that the "natsemi-scyld' module that
I loaded was a close match to the suggested 'natsemi', but not exactly
right, considering that DCHP didn't work?

Very possible, and most likely.

I have checked the DHCP server
several times and there are no worries there. I have 2 addresses
available to be served.

I am now at a shell, what should I try next? I also have another Network
card if I need to switch (a CNet PowerNIC C200/600/650Eplus PnP ISA card
from an even older machine). It seems that the NetGear FA311 10/100 PCI
should be more supported.

I'm thinking that may needs the tulip driver. I'm using a Netgear FA310TX (under the brand name Lite-On LNE100TX) which uses tulip. Of course, the FA311 may very well need the natsemi driver.

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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