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Re: automount permissions problem

Shawn Lamson wrote:

> On Sun, July 27 at 12:51 AM EDT
> Andreas Janssen <andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com> wrote:

>>I hope you know that being in the disk group as a user can be a severe
>>security risk.It allows you direct read/write access to all your IDE
>>and SCSI hard disk (for example with dd). If you are in group disk, the
>>filesystem mechanisms that protect you from accidentially destroying
>>your system can become useless.

> Point taken - since this is my home box I do a lot of admin tasks under
> my user id and am about as careful as I am with root.  IIRC I did this
> originally to allow myself to burn CD's and b/c I used my Windows HD's
> as storage for music etc... and needed to access it frequently which is
> not an admin function.

This true, but

You could use the cdrom group for writing CDs. Works perfectly with
ide-scsi emulation as the /dev/scd* devices belong to the cdrom group.

You do not need to be in the disk group to access the /filesystem/ on your
windows partitions. As far as I know, you can use umask to allow write
access to the filesystem for everyone without setting the gid. Or you
could set the gid to the group your user is in, as you are the only human
user on your system.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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