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Icons dissapearing in SId / KDE

Hi All,

I installed Sid with KDE 3.1 on a machine yesterday evening (CET). The bug
with ksysguard was just closed, and I managed to download the newest
packages from www.debian.org in my /etc/apt/sources.list.

So far so good. I got X running, including the xft font server, some
truetype thingies, defoma, and off course KDE.

Now something strange happens. The desktop icons dissapeared the first
time I opened the KDE Control Centre to alter the look n' feel. When I
select de proper icons (Connectiva Crystal) in the fonts dialog and press
apply, my icons reapear. Then I went on to alter my background image, and
wooops my icons were gone again. After this no way I can get them back.

When I do a sort icons on the desktop, the labels of the icons are linup
just under each other, so the system thinks that the icons are not
there... I guess.

Anyone also experiencing this? Anyone has a solution or a place to look?

Thanx in advance!
Pim Bliek

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