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Re: Replying by email to the newsfeed

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 09:30:08PM +0200, Alan Connor wrote:
> Am working on a sed script that will remove most of the headers and put > in
> front of the lines in the body, etc....

That sed script (or the way it is used) still needs some tweaking it
seems.  While you can strip out headers it is probably impossible to 
write in the missing ones if any, and threading may remain iffy.

Still, why not just browse saved articles using mutt and reply to them
by pressing 'r' in the usual way as I mentioned earlier?  Doing this
looks after the quoting as well.  Perhaps improvements could yet be
made by doing some of the things you are trying to do, but it's fairly
simple to use mutt to browse your slrn directory, and all the e-mail
functionality you need is already in place.

In any case, if I was going to participate regularly on debian-user, I
would subscribe to the mailing list.  Surely that is the best way to
handle the list anyway?  Usually I am read-only and the newsfeed is 
great for that...


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