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Automatic renice

 Do you know a way to set the niceness of a process without typing renice 
at the command line after each reboot? Especially when renicing to -10, 
which needs to be root... 

 Problem : xmms skips sometimes due to the -ck patches ; I'd like to keep 
the patches, KDE is much more responsive, and setting xmms to -10 
(everything else is 0).

 As a last solution, I'd cron a script as root to renice automatically, 
but I can't obtain a list of the xmms processes (' ps -A | grep xmms | 
awk "{print $1}" ' gives the whole line, same with 'cut -f1  -d" "'


PS : I've tried the schedutils, they don't seem t be useful.

Christophe Courtois - Ostwald, Alsace, France
http://www.courtois.cc/ - Clé PGP : 0F33E837
"Prior to MS Outlook, if you suggested to ANYONE that a mail client
should be able to execute foreign code sent to you through e-mail,
they'd have looked at you like you just grew an extra head."
 A System administrator, quoted on Slashdot, 23/7/2001

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