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Re: OT: why I don't want CCs

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On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 05:35:08AM -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
> > Also, cron is a required component of the system, which depends on an MTA. 
> > How else is it going to give users output?  Osmosis?  Telepathy?
>     Log files?

They're not user readable.

> Heaven forbid I want to do anything advanced like use the same client
> to check two accounts and keep them completely, totally separate. 

Procmail to filter each address off, mutt send-hooks to check the
address it was sent to and reply with that address.  Talking five
minutes with google.

>     Even worse than that (talking specifically mutt here) I couldn't
> tell what folders had new mail in it with a concise display. 

Hit c? and you'll get an ls type list.  N will appear in the status
column on the far left if there's new mail.  You need to have a
Mailboxes statement for every mailbox you want checked.

> That's partially answered by some clients allow you to determine
> which folders to watch for new mail.  Great, another option to put
> on 20-30 folders and still doesn't help on the folders I only have
> to review so often.

So don't enable it on the ones that can wait.

Besides, I think most people can do something better with the 30 MB of
RAM the other clients waste than pretend to be a real mail

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