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Re: mondo/mindi restore fails

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 14:04, Benedict Verheyen wrote:

> Well, i tried using the latest mindi and latest mondo source code and the 
> kernel listed for debian users at the mondo said and it still failed 
> horribly. With the last setup writing to the CDRW even made my kernel 
> panic so now after more some 15 hours it's enough, i give up. 
> I think the problem lies in my custom build kernel although i enabled
> initrd on it. On a side note, i will try once to build a kernel with 
> initial ram disk support. I did a quick test but that failed (something 
> about init interrupted or something)
> Anyway, are there similar products out there for backups (bootable) which 
> are less fussy about debian?
> Regards,
> Benedict
Mondo really is sweet once you get the kernel config correct.  Just for
the record one should read
The FAILSAFE kernel should work with most IDE systems, however it would
not support my tekram scsi controller and I had problems with the -k
option unless it was the last option specified.

Good luck with your search.


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