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Re: OT: why I don't want CCs

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 01:14:52AM -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 10:01:47AM +0200, Joerg Johannes wrote:
> > And kmail has one major advantage: I can read mails 
> > with over-long lines without problems...
> So can mutt, but the ultimate solution is to tell your correspondants
> not to send email in a retarded manner.

Besides, SMTP _does_ have a line-length limit.  There was a thread in
the past few months either here or d-curiosa where someone wanted to
know why their one-line emails seemed to get truncated after about
1000 characters.  RFC2822 section 2.1.1 has all the gory details ...

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